Cookie Policy

Q. What is your security policy?

We maintain a secure hosting environment with UK Fast, a secure application using the latest technologies (including encryption and hashes), a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to transmit sensitive information, and we have regular security audits to keep up to date with best practice.

Q. Do you use cookies?

We use 1st and 3rd party cookies.

In Order to improve our service scentaddict by The Fragrance Shop may use a device known as a "cookie". Cookies are a means by which information relating to your Internet activity (such as whether you have visited before) is recorded on your hard drive and used by us to improve our website and the products and services available to you.

Google Analytics: These cookies are used to collect anonymous information about a user’s journey on our website. (e.g. where they came from, if there were any errors). This will enable us to continuously seek ways to improve our site in the future. If you would prefer your experience data not to be collected, then please disable cookies from your internet browser when on site.

Q. How Secure is your Mobile Site?

Our mobile site benefits from the same security offered by our desktop site.

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