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Lancome - Mascara

Lancome Tresor La Nuit


Lancome was founded as a cosmetics and fragrance house in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, who had formerly worked for Francois Coty. Petitjean's passion for fragrances inspired him to take a spectacular step and launch Lancome with five great fragrances. Audacious? Yes, but Petitjean was a product of the school of Francois Coty, the 'father of 20th century luxury perfumes.' Tropiques, Tendres Nuits, Kypre and Bocages, all rare perfumes that would be followed by so many others, including the prestigious 'Magie' of the 1950's. Nearly all the bottles were created by Georges Delhomme, which today are collectors items. Today the beautiful Lancome perfume range includes: Lancome Hypnose, Lancome Miracle, Lancome Poeme and Lancome Tresor to name but a few. We offer great stock and availability on many Lancome perfumes.

SKU: 40326 Brand: Lancome

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