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JOOP! - Eau De Toilette 8ml Spray

JOOP! Wow! Eau De Toilette 8ml Spray

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Joop! WOW!, introducing the scent that makes the man. Joop! WOW! tells a story of a journey of transformation where the Joop! man a powerful, groomed and confident gentleman with nothing to prove to himself or others. The Joop! man has natural charisma and is a man of power. The only thing missing is the finishing touch, one drop of Joop! WOW! and he becomes irresistible, creating the WOW! effect wherever he goes.

A fresh-woody fragrance, JOOP! WOW! awakens all the senses with exquisite ingredients including captivating notes of citrussy Bergamot and spicy Cardamom fused with masculine Vetiver and warm Vanilla. A sensitive combination of spice and effervescent freshness, JOOP! WOW! creates an intoxicating trail, full of masculinity and intensity.
*You will not receive a full sized bottle.
** Please retain the outer casing of the atomiser, you will only be sent a replacement for the insert.

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